Terms & Conditions

Recruitersgig Consultants provides recruitment services.

Terms and Conditions
1) Vacancies :
Client will intimate to us from time to time in writing their requirements of staff to be recruited by us
for their organization indicating the type and level of required personnel. On receipt of their
requirements, we shall provide them with a career sketch or a C.V. of the prospective candidates. (Any
duplicate cv has to be notified before taking it further with us, once we will share contact details of the
candidate it will be considered from our agency only, meaning it is no longer duplicate and we should be
payed for the same candidate.)
2) Professional fee (Negotiable as per market trends) :
Client will pay us a fixed professional fee of agreed percentage (%) of the annual CTC of
the candidate’s first year’s compensation {CTC} which is gross salary which includes Basic Salary plus
all allowances. No fee is paid on incentives or performance linked bonus.

Or a Fixed Price as per agreement between both parties.

3) Time Span:
We will work out mutually convenient and acceptable time schedule for the talent search. However,
considering the nature of work involved, no firm time bound schedule can be given.
4) Expenses:
Client will reimburse to us any expenses incurred by us on your behalf for which we have obtained prior
approval to incurring the same.
5) Tax:
Client will bear and pay taxes as applicable, as per govt. of India notification.
6) Guarantee:
If the selected candidate resigns from the client’s office on his own accord, within agreed numbers of days of joining the
client’s office, a free replacement will be provided by M/S Recruitersgig Consultants. This is strictly
subject to the position and its specifications staying same, failing which replacement will not be binding
on the consultant. In case of multiple placements, client cannot adjust professional fee paid for one
vacancy against the other payables.
7) Refunds : We do not refund once the service is delivered as per contract, however if there is a dispute client can take the matter to civil court to settle.

In the instance of an dispute arising between the Parties both the parties agree to
seek arbitration as a means to solve such disputes.
The parties shall agree on a single neutral arbitrator to conduct such counsel.
If the parties cannot agree on a single arbitrator they will be entitled to seek one arbitrator each. The
selected arbitrators shall agree on a single arbitrator at that point to resolve the dispute.
The arbitrator will under no circumstance be allowed to modify or change this agreement.
Furthermore, the arbitrator’s decision shall be deemed the final decision and the parties will be
responsible for any individual fees incurred during the above mentioned arbitration.

8) The C.V.’s or career sketch are strictly confidential and are for client’s own use only. The unused
C.V.’s or career sketch will be returned to us. Client will not part with or pass on aforesaid C.V.’s or career
sketch to any organisation or associated companies or group companies without any prior written
9) Client will pay us the professional fee even if client appoint’s the candidate recommended by us for any
other position or any other level in your organisation or associate or your group companies for a period of
1 year.
10) Payments Terms:
Client shall pay us our professional fees within agreed days of the candidate joining client’s organisation, we shall
be raising the necessary invoices.
11) Termination:
Either party can terminate this agreement by giving one month notice to the other, provided there are no dues or pending payments.
12) Recruitersgig Consultants has the final right to update and change policies as per market trends, if needed.

Note – In case of online payments via our website its self, processing fees of payment gateways or our online payment partners may apply eg. 2 % + 3 rs INR or more depending on the country you are paying from.